Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year Dress Week Day 7!

Day seven, and proof that I am sewing miss dolly...:-) This dress was an impulse buy at Delias, and one of my favorites! The shirt came from Gap, and.......the socks were an impulse while buying the impulse dress, so I could spend enough to get another stamp on my little card.....
I made this necklace last night while waiting for a phone call that turned out to be very short, but very fun:-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Dress Week Day more to go!

Today I am channeling warmer weather....:-) A pale little eyelet dress from Rue21....along with the flower.....Along with a sparkly Rue21 scarf and hoody for reality........

The thermal henley is from Gap, and the jeans are from Delias

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Dress Week Day 5

Do you like that I'm ironing nothing?? And yes, that is the iron cord on the floor. One of these days I'll remember to wear heels in these domestic photos....LOL

My sweater is from Gap Generation....aka Outlet.....the skirt is an oldie from Old Navy...ha ha! I'm sooooo funny.

I think these tights also came from Target?? And my hair! oh, my nobody will see me today doesn't make any sense.....*wanders confused*

Those sunglasses are REAL! Yes they are!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Dress Week Day 4

Today for work I threw on a semi-carefree combo .....oh yes...have I smiled at you today? I'm tempted to shop too, but I'm here to help you. Can't find your size? I can help! I never wear that one, because it makes the store look bad when I fumble around wondering where that shirt even came from......
There is a headband on my head somewhere that I stole from my sister......
My very warm winter boots with furry lining to keep my legs warm. The closest thing to mukluks I own, they came from Penny's many, many years ago....and are very warm. and the tights from Target...I don't usually wear them, because white tights scream "I'm turning five today!! *giggles" And I'm not turning five today.

My easy breezy dress that I have worn every time I've done this challenge is still from Kohls....still a little too big, but you still can't beat 80% off clearance......still....
Today I was smart and put on a hoody right away...this was a Christmas gift from Rue 21. From my sister actually. Not the store. And the brilliant thumb hole thermal is a Delias wonder!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Dress Week Day 3

Today we got another foot of snow, and I neither got out of bed, nor got dressed.

I did wear a snuggie....which is similar to a dress......and great for texting and staying warm! I got it as a gag gift for my birthday:-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Dress Week Day 1 & 2

Day 1
I started "The Challenge" so late in the day I decided to wear a dress to bed.....

No further comment.
um....besided the nightgown came from the Gap, the leggings from PacSun, the scarf from a garage sale, and those delicious sheets from hair cut

Day 2
Today I will be doing a mountain of housework and going to JoAnn's....Could I BE more domestic?
Pineapple...the symbol of "Welcome".....the iconic fruit of warmer places........
This....shirt....uh....I may have scavenged it from the same thrift shop as the skirt wait, one came from a garage sale.....and I never wear button down shirts, but they are so cute.....this one was too big, so I altered it to fit me....The cami and boots came from the Gap, and...I know, I'm getting crazy with the art.....*heart flutters*

I pulled those amazing socks out of my Christmas stocking! Yay Santa! OH and the earrings came from a garage sale too! Yes. I shop with quarters.

Annnnnnd the hair, I gave it a blow dry and took my half inch curling iron to it....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Princess Penelope: Is she the real bandit?

Thanks to the phenomenon that is the American Garage Sale, I now own the most ridiculous set of petticoats! Perfect for channeling Cindy Lauper, and filling out vintage dresses.....If I ever take up square dancing, I'll be set!